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The Fullness: Ongoing Resources for Ecstatic Wellness

featuring the organizational cosponsors of Mobile Homecoming’s The Fullness: An All Day Institute on Erotic Power

Build Ecstatic Queer Community in Texas!!


a statewide queer people of color organization

This network based in Austin, TX and working all across the state seeks to identify LGBT people of color priorities and strategies as they relate to Reproductive Justice, Sexual Freedom, Anti-Violence and Immigrant and Refugee Rights.  Once a year allgobrings these activists together for an annual summit to design strategies for the coming year and celebrate our accomplishments.

Ecstatically Affirm Queer Family!: All My Children Project


All My Children Project conducts social justice research that focuses on the dynamic interplay between African American LGBTQQ persons, their families, and the communities where they live. We are interested in the combined effects of race, gender, and sexuality on African American’s experiences, particularly resilient responses to discrimination. We apply quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods to understand family and community influences on African American LGBTQQ health and well being. 

Give Ecstatic Birth!!!: The Birthing Place


We, at The Birthing Place are committed to offering a service for families who choose to birth their children at home. Simply put, The Birthing Place is a state of mind, rather than a physical address. Once you know that you can give birth, you can do it anywhere, even at home!

Build Ecstatic Black Lesbian Community!


The BLU retreat is an opportunity for women of African Descent to celebrate, build community, and share good times with women who love women. In the last three years, over 500 women descended upon our 120 acre private wooded retreat in the hills of Malibu to make magic…

Connect With Your Holistic Ecstasy:  Black Girl Tantra


We explore conscious sexuality, sacred sexual intimacy, passion and pleasure, as it relates to being a black woman in the western world. How has your skin color affected the way you are seen? How has your skin affected the way you see yourself? Growing up, What messages did you receive about your body, your sexuality, your way of relating to loved ones, family and community? From those messages, of relating, what has worked in your life and what has not? 

Ecstatic Black Feminist Sex: Come Correct!




Ecstatic Sex Education!: Cucci


Cucci is a social enterprise, guided by the necessity to create a sex-positive culture in Los Angeles. The income generated from our toy sales are used to push forward Cucci’s agenda: to facilitate sex-positive, body-positive, honest dialogue about sex; to build knowledge and excitement about our bodies and pleasure physiology, and promote sexual wellness; to leverage the best of the sex industry and bring it to a safe space – out of the local xxx outlet and into our communities.

Ecstatic Adornment:  Colored Girls Hustle


Colored Girls Hustle creates and sells handmade adornment that affirms our bodies and encourages us to be our boldest selves.

Colored Girls Hustle invigorates and nurtures creative practice and self-expression.

Colored Girls Hustle amplifies women of color artists, entrepreneurs, healers and activists who hustle hard for our communities. 

Ecstatic Affirming Media!: Elixher


ELIXHER is an award-winning blog and magazine. It is your go-to resource for all things empowering, thought-provoking, and pertinent to the Black female queer community and experience. You’ll find news, uplifting profiles, local events, political commentary, personal reflections, and more.

ELIXHER was created by a writer and editor who after years of working in media grew tired of the lack of multidimensional representations of Black queer women. ELIXHER seeks to fill that void.

Ecstatic Queer Earthbased Spirituality!: The Earthlodge


The Earthlodge Center grounds expands 10,000 square feet and provides a safe, spiritual community center for women and queer folks of all generations (from youth who are just coming out to elders) to transform, heal, restore balance within and celebrate all aspects of our lives. The safe space of the Earthlodge transforms the shame of being queer into the power of being queer while healing any sense of separation or inability to integrate into society in a way that is whole, healthy, and happy. We do this through reconnecting with nature, providing and teaching of rituals and ceremonies, self reclamation through sharing our intentions and stories within community, sacred crafting (talismans etc), meditative journeys, emphasizing healthy cuisine through community dinners post ceremonies, and creating and maintaining sacred grounds and ritual space.

Ecstatic Healing and Wellness: Five Directions Healing


If you have access to a computer with a camera, you have access to the New Paradigm healing assistance of Dr. G. Love and Five Directions Wellness. Dr. G is accepting long distance/webcam appointments for Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Light Worker Apprenticeship, and personal healing. Healing sessions are conducted from the comfort of your own home, work, car or wherever you feel best suits your own evolutionary needs with the assistance of such applications as “google hangout” and “FaceTime”. Remote healing is a VERY powerful form of global transmission of ancestrally guided evolutionary healing. After 13 years of committed apprenticeship with Shamanic/Elemental elders of Peru, the African diaspora, Reiki guides, ancestors, the Buddha, Angels and more, Dr. G. Love has designed a beautifully  constructed and effective remote healing modality for the modern era. Each healing session is created based on your ancestry, needs, visions, comfort level, and intention. All shared information is completely confidential and energetically protected by the elemental spirits of Orisha, plants, and Ascended Masters.

Ecstatic African Spirituality: Ile Ori Ogbe Egun


Using Ifa as its foundation, Ile Ori Ogbe Egun: I-TEACH Love Institute seeks to create collaborative opportunities for the cultivation of healthy and more peace-centered communities, increase cultural understanding across social/ethnic/cultural lines, strengthen ecological sustainability and promote spiritual inclusivity (cohesive interfaith collectives).

Ecstatically Build a World Free From Violence!: INCITE


INCITE! Women, Gender Non-Conforming, and Trans people of Color* Against Violence is a national activist organization of radical feminists of color advancing a movement to end violence against women of color and our communities through direct action, critical dialogue and grassroots organizing. INCITE! is made up of grassroots chapters and affiliates across the U.S. working on particular political projects such as police violence, reproductive justice, and media justice; a national collective that works to leverage this grassroots organizing on a national and transnational platform; an advisory collective that helps increase the capacity of national organizing; and thousands of members and supporters. 

Ecstatically Heal Yourself, Your Ancestors and Your Future: Legacy Healing


If you’re looking for energy renewal, physical relaxation and peace of mind, you’ve come to the right place. At Legacy Healing, Inc. we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy. 
We offer the best in the healing arts, with a focus on providing you with the tools necessary to integrate you personal healing into your daily routine. Too often do we put our mental, spiritual and physical well-being in jeopardy by neglecting our health, believing we don’t have time, we can get to it later, etc. Now is the time to incorporate self-care into your schedule, and Legacy Healing, LLC is here to facilitate that process.
Ecstatically Reconnect to Spirit: Many Paths One Truth

The Institute of Whole Life Healing is a non-profit organization with this mission: To creatively assist individuals in reconnecting to their original greatness, life’s purpose and Divinity. Our mission is manifested through a wholistically designed Mind/Body Soul/Spirit (MBS) blueprint. The MBS blueprint is based on three key universal principals:

  • Know thyself
  • Cleanse and purify
  • Live in alignment with absolute truth.

featuring the organizational cosponsors of Mobile Homecoming’s The Fullness: An All Day Institute on Erotic Power

Ecstatic Empowering Performance: Mangos With Chili


Mangos With Chili is a North American touring, Bay Area based arts incubator committed to showcasing high quality performance of life saving importance by queer and trans artists of color to audiences in the Bay Area and beyond. Our goal is to produce high-quality multi-genre performances reflecting the lives and stories of queer and trans people of color (QTPOC) and speaking out in resistance to the daily struggles around silence, isolation, homophobia and violence that QTPOC face.  This amazing crew is on tour RIGHT NOW!  Get more information here:

Ecstatic Insight and Recipies: The Candy Lady


Launch date: 2/14/14

"The Candy Lady" by Nubian Sun is a site for Black Feminist Windowside Discourse on / Art /Music/Food and Neighborhood Happenings

Ecstatic Quirky Black Girl Community:  Quirky Black Girls


Because Audre Lorde looks different in every picture ever taken of her. Because Octavia Butler didn’t care. Because Erykah Badu is a patternmaster. Because Macy Gray pimped it and Janelle Monae was ready.

Resolved. Quirky black girls wake up ready to wear a tattered society new on our bodies, to hold fragments of art, culture and trend in our hands like weapons against conformity, to walk on cracks instead of breaking our backs to fit in the mold.

We’re here, We’re Quirky, Get used to it! Check out Quirky Black Girls on Facebook, Tumblr and Blogger and look out for Alexis Pauline Gumbs’s forthcoming book Stay Black and Live: Love Letters to Quirky Black Girls coming out this Summer!

Ecstatic Personal Growth in Community:  Shades Retreat


Imagine leaving your stress behind and immersing yourself in nature at a holistic retreat where you can truly rejuvenate your spirit.

Shades Retreat: Personal, You
April 17, 2014 thru April 20, 2014

A southern retreat for Queer Women of Color

Ecstatic Unapologetic Reproductive Justice: Spark Reproductive Justice NOW



Ecstatically Inclusive Church

Called and unified by God’s grace, we are a grateful and diverse congregation of believers. From our contemporary urban setting strengthened by community, worship and study, we humbly strive to emulate the life of Christ. Sustained and empowered by our Christian faith, we go into the world to make a difference, joyfully serving all of God’s creation.

Ecstatic Self Love for Queer Women of Color:  Trifecta Tribe


Trifecta Tribe helps queer women of color create lives of grace and ease.

Lives where they revel in their own power, where self-care is the norm and, where they are deeply and delightfully nourished by themselves and their relationships.

The women I work with learn to love themselves unconditionally and use that love to catalyze miracles in their worlds.

Together, we unearth their unique gifts and help them find the best ways to offer their gifts to the world.

Ecstatic Sex Education: Velvet Lips Productions


We are here to educate and empower people of all ages to take control of their sex lives and fulfill their sexual wants, needs and desires.

Our sex-positive methods encourage people to be open with their sexuality and foster dialogue that will help them to continually grow in all realms of sexuality.  In addition to using somatic sex education and sexological bodywork, we use our well-known Seduction Learning Approach to guide people in the right direction.